Social outings

Social outings

Get out and about and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle with BCCT social outings. We have a huge selection of different places to go with outings almost every day of the week. Whether you want to go on a grand adventure or just pop down to your local club for dinner – there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

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Monday & Friday Adventures
Explore some of the most interesting locations and venues Sydney has to offer with our Monday and Friday outings. We go to places such as museums and art galleries, historic house and building tours, scenic locations, parks, beaches, clubs and restaurants, markets and festivals. Bring your sense of adventure!

Specialty Shopping Tuesdays
On Tuesdays we visit some specialty shopping locations such as Flower Power, Bunnings, Spotlight and Ikea so you can pick up all those little extra things for your house and garden.

Club dinner Wednesdays
Enjoy a night out with friends at all your favourite local clubs for dinner on Wednesdays.

‘Out and about’ Thursdays
Every second Thursday we head out to various major shopping centres where you can do your own thing for a few hours.

BCCT Social Club
Every other Thursday we run our very own ‘social club’ here at the BCCT office where we do things like arts & crafts, games, trivia etc. over morning tea. It’s a great opportunity to check out our office and meet some of the staff.

Local Saturdays
On Saturdays we go out to various local events such as markets, craft fairs, street festivals and other things happening in the community.